Spedycja transport usługi portowe Gdynia Spedkon Plus

Spedycja transport usługi portowe Gdynia Spedkon Plus

Transport kontenerów ładunków

Transport, Inc. was established in 1945 to transport petroleum products. Since that time, it has been actively engaged in the transportation of commodities in bulk in both intra and interstate commerce. Transport currently hauls petroleum products, asphalt, anhydrous ammonia, LPG, cement, acids, caustics, resins, isocyanate, and other chemicals.

Transport, Inc. has selectively expanded its service area beyond the Midwestern United States. We are establishing terminals in areas of the country where we believe there is an opportunity to provide quality motor carrier services. For example, we established our Houston, TX terminal in 1989. We now provide transportation services for customers in Canada, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Texas. We also provide transportation services to and from the border between Mexico and the United States pursuant to our interline agreement.

If you would like any additional information about Transport, Inc. or our operations at any of our terminals, please let us know.

We appreciate your consideration of Transport, Inc. as an additional carrier for your transportation needs.

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Transport, Inc. 2225 Main Ave SE Moorhead, MN 56560 1-800-598-7267 \ Fax 218-236-0227


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